Capital Campaign

On March 26th our congregation voted and affirmed to move forward with due diligence on an existing building at 308 W 37th Street in Sioux Falls. The cost of the building is $2.5 million dollars. This building was formerly New Oaks Church. Before that it belonged to Sioux Falls Lutheran school. We are hopeful that with the purchase of this building it will allow us more room to grow as we find a long-term plan.  

We cannot do this without the support of congregation. What can you do to be involved in this kingdom endeavor?

  1. Be in prayer. Give praise to the Lord for the work he is doing. And pray how you could be used.
  2. Share talents.  Do you have a specific talent that could help us as our Academy grows?
  3. Financial Commitments. We need to rase $2.5 million dollars to pay for the cost of the building as well as anticipated remodeling costs on top of that. There are several opportunities and ways to give. Please contact us if the Lord is leading you to support in this way. 

Investing In the Future....