Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been messaging short term needs with our leadership group and with the congregation since 2019.  We have always known that we would need an interim solution, whether that was finding a facility that we could refurbish or transition into a school facility or purchasing land and getting a building opened quickly.  

We’ve looked at more than thirty commercial properties. We have had direct conversations with owners and brokers, but nothing seemed to fit our needs.  So our leadership group transitioned into looking at land as an option, which would provide a long-term opportunity instead. We were still encouraged to continue looking for existing properties that could host a portion of our students through the period of land purchase, design, and build.  At minimum, we understand the timeline to build would be a three-year process at best.  

We knew of New Oaks five years ago when it was first available, but we did not seek to purchase it at that time because it would not provide the capacity to host our full K-12 student body.  Last October we toured the facility and considered a short-term lease, but because we would need to update the classrooms to accommodate our needs, we chose to walk away from it versus trying to share that space.

Then, just two days before our congregational meeting on the Good Samaritan Land, we were made aware that the New Oaks property was for sale. The ability to support our current growth trajectory by opening 150 new enrollments would allow us the opportunity to continue moving forward in both student development and enrollment, as well as accommodate the time necessary for a land purchase and build out before bringing the K-12 students back together on one campus.    

We would welcome a donor that sees value in the Good Samaritan land. If that is something you want to discuss with us please contact us here. But we will still need a short-term solution. Our intent will be to purchase the New Oaks facility to meet our short-term growth needs, while continuing due diligence work on the Good Samaritan property to determine whether it is suitable for our long-term needs.  

Due diligence includes the following:

  • Title Search
  • Market Appraisal
  • Facility Inspections
  • Zoning Regulations
  • Bank Financing

Most of our growth is happening at the Grammar school level and as it currently stands, Grammar would be almost at capacity for the New Oaks property. The Abiding campus gives us the most growth opportunity at that level, while New Oaks is able to accommodate the Logic and Rhetoric in their growth. 

Our desire and vision is to have one campus. The current solution of buying the New Oaks property is short-term. This will allow us to keep growing while we campaign for our long-term goal of building a school for our entire student body. 

Abiding Savior Academy is  committed to staying church governed.  Not just administratively, but by placing pastors in the culture of our school and classrooms.  Our second site will have a pastor investing in the culture and in leadership intentionally as they are today.   We need churches to raise up disciple makers to fill these leadership needs. We know of believers who are called to serve in the public school as salt and light, but we also need strong believers to open their hearts and minds to consider our efforts here as well.   Please be praying for us in this way, to hire qualified staff who are led by faith and who will use their God given gifts to influence the next generation as ambassadors for Christ.